Best punchlines

best punchlines

Well, since this site is apparently filled with good rappers, I figured I ask what is the best line you’ve ever came up with? Whether it be a punchline, inspiration.
Oct 17, 2006  · The Best punchlines in rap history, im not talking the best diss tracks, the best verses, im talking about one liners that basiclly ripped there opponent up.
The 5 Best One-Word Punchlines in Comedic History. Facebook; Twitter; Google Plus; Well, I don't really know. I guess I mean a one-word punchline, ideally.

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All that frontin is best punchlines for your health. Angel is reassigned from London to a small village seemingly devoid of crime. They call it probation, I know we all go through it. This is like those people who waste their lyrics to instrumental videos on YouTube. The hype behind future is mind boggling. best punchlines Best Bars And Punchlines of URL Summer Madness (Ultimate Rap Battle League)