Husband cheated with prostitute

husband cheated with prostitute

Apr 15, 2010  · Husband Cheated with Prostitute what do I do!? Just 2 months ago, I found my Husbands computer history open and on there, I found Craig.
Why Do Married Men Visit Prostitutes? The fact that these men weren't sexual with their wives didn't cause them to cheat more, or less, than the average.
Mar 15, 2011  · My husband and I have been together for 11 years, married for almost 3 and we have a son who is 9 that I am inclined to try and make it work for. husband cheated with prostitute I have never worked out side the home and I own nothing everything we have we have together. Husband convinced I cheated - wants prostitute to even it out? I know you are disgusted beyond belief right now. I do think it is important that you understand his intentions when coming to a decision, however. You have a lot to talk to him about, and jumping to divorce is not the answer. If My Husband Cheated With Prostitutes I Want A Divorce!